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Radio Network Services

Our Radio Network Planning Services Includes radio network and transmission planning such as dimensioning, coverage prediction, nominal and detailed planning with different radio network planning tool, site selection and survey, antenna design, parameter setting, frequency planning, initial tuning and documentation..

Zenus network planning services are classified in two main categories;

Radio Network Planning Deliverables of Radio Network Planning services include:

  • Network Dimensioning
  • Propagation Modeling
  • Nominal Cell and Transmission Planning
  • RF and Transmission Survey
  • Radio Network Re-Design Methodology of Zenus Re-design of Radio network services includes:

  • New Frequency / Code Planning
  • Interference Reduction Analysis
  • Cell Capacity-Traffic Load balancing
  • Cell -Site Re Configuration change
  • Site Removal / Re-Location Planning


Our in-building solutions will enable mobile operators and enterprises to improve voice and data coverage in high-traffic areas such as corporate buildings, shopping malls, multi-tenant buildings, manufacturing facilities and airports. Our In-Building service includes RF (radio frequency) coverage assessment, design and optimization, program management, pre & post deployment services which include maintenance, on-site technical support and network monitoring. Our services organization helps mobile operators design & optimizes in-building networks with optimal coverage and capacity. Zenus has a team of experts that can help service providers and enterprises select an In-building solution with the right capacity and RF optimization requirements to help ensure In-Building and macro network interoperability.

  • Radio Network Audit
  • Radio Network Verification
  • Radio network Benchmarking
  • Radio Network Field Optimization (Drive Testing)
  • Radio Network KPI Optimization0